So You’re A Midland Methodist?

First Methodist Midland today has a diverse family of members. For some, this is the only church they have known. As infants, they were baptized here. As youth, they attended Sunday school, sang in children’s choirs, and deepened their faith in a confirmation class. Now, as adults, they attend and serve the church in various ministries. In fact, some of them are the third generation of their family to do this.

Others came here as young couples, drawn to the opportunities in one of Midland’s growth cycles and made this their new church home. Some of them have never left; some have come and gone several times following the vicissitudes of the oil industry. Upon each return, they reconnected with First Methodist and with friends old and new.

There are also those who are brand new members. Some join quickly after a visit or two, attracted to the vibrant activity of the church. Others take their time, becoming regular attendees before taking the final step into membership.

So, whatever your connection to First Methodist, you are the heirs of a local tradition now over a century long and of a Methodist heritage reaching back centuries. How much do you know of what is means–or has meant–to be a Methodist in Midland? Below is a short quiz to test your knowledge. All are True/False question, so you have a 50/50 chance even if you guess. 

[And if you are a just visiting our site, I invite you to read the quiz to learn about many interesting aspects of Methodist life in Midland. Finally, of course, you are also invited to join us in worship anytime you are in the neighborhood.]

Read each question and determine whether it is true or false. Then follow the link below to see how well you did.

1.  There are currently six active Methodist churches in Midland.

2.  The Methodists were the first to erect a sanctuary in Midland.

3.  The stained glass windows along the north sanctuary wall depict four founders of Methodism.

4.  The first handbell program was started in the 1950s for young boys in grades 7-9.

5.  Midland Methodists are expected to become perfect.

6.  The current sanctuary is the third one erected on this site.

7.  The Chrismon Tree we erect each Advent Season is a Methodist tradition that spread to other denominations.

8.  The first contemporary services held by First Methodist took place at the Midland Community Theater.

9.  One of the pastors appointed to this church was expelled from the Methodist faith during his time here.

10.  The current longest organized active adult Sunday school class is the Fellowship Class.

11.  Boy scout troop 152, sponsored by the Methodist Men, was organized in 1939.

12.  Only one person has ever served as pastor for First Methodist more than once.

13.  The tenure, or length of service, of Midland pastors changed dramatically after World War II, beginning in 1947.

14.  The Midland Methodist Church had a parsonage before it had a sanctuary.

15. The chapel contains artifacts from the three previous sanctuaries.

16. The first pipe organ in the church was installed in 1955.

17.  The first church plant by First Methodist Midland was St. Mark’s on North Main.

18.  The Boone Bible Class, an adult group organized in 1930, was named in honor of the pioneer Daniel Boone, who was a lifelong Methodist.

19.  Descendants of two of the original six Midland church founders still attend First Methodist.

20.  Dr. Tim Walker is the 42nd senior pastor of First Methodist Midland.