What’s a Stephen Minister?
A Stephen Minister provides one-on-one, lay Christian care. Stephen Ministers are Christians who provide care in the name of Christ. They are open and willing to talk about spiritual issues but are sensitive to avoid imposing these issues on others. Stephen Ministers care by listening, supporting, encouraging, praying, being honest, dependable and trustworthy, and by maintaining confidentiality in their care giving relationships.
How do I know if a Stephen Minister is right for me?
Have you experience a personal crisis recently?
Loss of a loved one?
Loss of a job? 
Caring for someone who is ill?
If you are hurting and in need of a confidential Christian caring relationship, then you could certainly benefit and find healing through a Stephen Minister. Contact Rev. Melissa Shuler.
How can I become a Stephen Minister?
By going through an interview process and attending 50 hours of training. A commitment of two years is required. If you have a caring heart and would like to serve others, then becoming a Stephen Minister may be for you. For more information about becoming a Stephen Minister or having the help of a Stephen Minister, contact Rev. Melissa Shuler.
Does First Methodist Midland have a 12 step program?
We also offer a Christian-based, 12 step program for those dealing with alcoholism, divorce, sexual abuse, drug addiction, food addictions, anger, domestic violence or co- dependency and their families. For information about our Celebrate Recovery Ministry, click here.
Providing One-on-One Care for the Hurting
Stephen Ministry was named in honor of Stephen, who was one of the first lay church members called to help those in need. According to Acts 6-8, the Apostles commissioned seven people, one of whom was Stephen, to provide caring ministry for the church when needs for care arose beyond which the Apostles were able to meet on their own. In a sense, Stephen was one of the first Stephen Ministers, a lay person commissioned by church leaders to provide a caring ministry.
Our newest Stephen Ministers! Welcome to the team!