Dr. Tim’s Encouraging Word

     How inspiring this past Sunday to walk with you as we circled our campus, praying for our church as we journey through the building project. After a great 10:45 service, we walked out the doors to the sidewalk to read scripture about prayer. (I noticed not all were reading scripture; some were having a wonderful time meeting others, and sharing memories of the holidays.) The day was beautiful and the sunshine was warm. I thought of the African Christian song, “Siyahamba” (“We are Marching in the Light of God.”) It was good day, and we look forward to praying circles around our church, our friends and family, and anything/anyone when we want to focus our time of prayer. Dana Runyan, Valerie Hale and Billie Petersen, led a great team of volunteers (in the maroon t-shirts.) Kaci Rybolt from our staff was very helpful. It was additionally inspiring to hear all those around me praying together Psalm 150 when the bells rang out.

     In my sermon this past Sunday, I prayed a prayer you can use during these interesting and tough economic times, remembering the resources God provides for us.

The late Lloyd John Olgilvie was pastor of Hollywood Presbyterian Church and the Chaplain to the Senate, opening each session of the U.S. Senate with prayer. Perhaps we could use this prayer that he wrote:

Lord, I want to learn how to pray through tough times. Help me to know that You will equip me in advance as well as during the tough times. You will take up residence in me and provide the gift of faith to be applied to the crises I may have to confront. You are the Source of it all! You endow me with primary faith to accept You as Savior and Lord and invite you to make my soul Your home…but You also empower me with faith to accomplish what will be the very best for my life. So I don’t need to thrash about trying to conjure up enough faith to face tough times; rather I can claim Your faith in me and what can be done by You for Your glory in me and around me.
As I pray through tough times You will release in me the aspect of Your character I most need for the circumstances ahead—courage, patience, endurance, discernment, wisdom, tenacity, and hope. I will be faithful because I will be full of Your gift of faith to be expressed through me. You have offered me the abounding, unsearchable riches of Your own limitless resources. Today…for tomorrow! You are my strength in tough times. Amen.
See you Sunday at the “prayer circle” place!

Tim, Senior Pastor