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2020-2021 Forms & Important Information

For more information, please contact Penelope Hicks at

Children First

Children’s Day Out & Preschool Program

Our Children First Program offers a two-day program on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.
We serve children ranging in age of 6 months (by September 1st of current school year) through Pre-K.
Purpose & Goals
Our purpose is to provide your child with a Christian environment where he or she can grow spiritually, socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually. Our goal is to support the development of each child to his or her greatest potential. We believe this happens in a nurturing environment which fosters mutual respect and appreciates the unique qualities of each individual. 
Philosophy & Curriculum
We adhere to developmentally appropriate practices — children learn while they play. Our curriculum focuses on the process of learning rather than the finished product. Teachers act as facilitators for learning by providing a carefully planned environment that is appropriately challenging for each age-level. The Preschool classrooms will use the Letter People® curriculum. The Letter People® curriculum is correlated to the Texas Pre-K standards. The Letter People® will develop the child’s print awareness, oral language and listening skills, letter identification and sound/symbol association, vocabulary development, writing and spelling, math and science focus, personal and social development, and engaging home-to-school activities.
Christian Education
In our chapel time each week, your child will be taught creative and age-appropriate Bible lessons. This means that the lessons are both developmentally and spiritually appropriate for your child, as well as intended to be fun and engaging. In the Infant and Toddler Rooms, Jesus’ love for your child is demonstrated by providing a safe and loving environment in which the child can sing and play. In the Two, Three, and Four Year-Old Rooms, your child will begin learning Bible stories, as well as the concepts of friendship, helping others, and forgiveness.     
Children First 2020-2021 school year:
All classes are full at this time
Please contact, Penelope Hicks, Children First Director at with any questions.


Registration will begin in January prior to the upcoming school year. The registration process will continue throughout the school year. A spot is reserved once the Registration fee and the last month’s tuition (May 2021) are paid in full. If a classroom is full, there will be a waiting list for children and parents will be contacted as openings become available.


A non-refundable registration fee of $100 per child will be charged at the time of registration. This fee is required to hold a spot in the program in addition to the last month’s tuition (May 2021). If your child is placed on a waiting list, you will not be charged the registration fee or the last month’s tuition until a spot becomes available.


Supply fees will be paid at the beginning of each semester, or upon registration if enrolling after the semester has started. The supply fee is $50 per child, per semester.


Monthly tuition and fees are as follows for the Children First Children’s Day Out and Preschool program:



Annual Tuition (September – May)

1st Child: $2,115.00

2nd Child (& any additional): $1,903.50


Monthly Payment

1st Child: $235.00

2nd Child (& any additional): $211.50


May 2021 tuition is due upon registration. This is refundable if withdrawing in writing before May 1, 2020.

Annual tuition (minus May 2021 tuition) may be paid by September 1, 2020, or you may elect to pay monthly via electronic draft.



Registration Fee – paid upon registration; required to reserve a space; NON-REFUNDABLE


$100 per child


Supply Fee – paid twice a year; due at the beginning of each semester


$50 per child