River in a Dry County

I sent out waters in the waste land, and rivers in the dry country, to give drink to the people whom I have taken for myself.
-Isaiah 43:20

For 130 years, First United Methodist Church of Midland has served as a river of faith in a dry country, its spiritual waters flowing from the heart of Midland. The church’s name has changed over the years. Buildings have been erected, modified and pulled down so new ones could arise. However, through all the changes and years, the dedication and faith of those who worship in this place have never wavered. As members of the church today, we should remember with great pride the heritage handed down to us from the congregations of the past. Part of our duty is to recount their stories–and ours–to those who will one day take our places, as we humbly work each day to provide the living water to those who thirst.

This site seeks to remind us of our past and share it with all who wish to learn more.
Each of the links below provides a different focus on the history of First Methodist Midland.
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