The sharing of life stories is immensely important, imparting the knowledge and wisdom gained through a lifetime of experiences from one generation. Hearing such stories enriches all the listeners, providing both encouragement and the challenge to model such a well-lived life. The tradition of imparting generational accounts around a fire reaches back to the beginning of the human experience. First Stories is a winter series where once a month listeners gather around the Main Street Café fireplace to hear a longtime member of First Methodist share his or her life story in an intimate session. The events are recorded and become a part of the church archives and also provide present and future generations the opportunity to hear these stories. So, take your cup of hot chocolate or coffee, find a comfortable spot to sit, and join us virtually beside the fireplace for First Stories.

On February 24, 2019 Bob Reimers shared about his experiences growing up – working as a boy at 2 a.m. stringing wire for hay bales, joining the Air Force, serving our country in several locations, and the many close-calls he has received in his life. Through tragedy and loss, Bob remained positive and strong, an overcomer, thankful for God’s protection and provision. He could see the hand of God sparing his life in miraculous ways and acknowledges there were likely other times in which he was not even aware. Take the time to listen to Bob’s interesting, engaging and inspiring stories from his life.

2 Responses to “FIRST STORIES: Bob Reimers”

  1. David Reimers says:

    Wow. I knew my Uncle Bob (actually, he’s my Great Uncle) was an amazing guy and had heard some of the stories, but the crash photos… There are no words. And I am so thankful the man picked Uncle Bob up and brought him to the hospital.

    Very inspiring words from a great man!!! Am glad to see that you have been able to have such a MASSIVE positive impact on folks’ lives! And I hope you keep on doing it for years into the future. Love ya Uncle Bob!!!!

  2. Bob Reimers says:

    David, Can’t thank you enough for your very kind words. AS you know its very hard to talk about yourself. I initially told the church directors that I did not really want to do it but they prevailed and I did it. Glad its done. Cousin Bob

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