Starting on Monday, March 27th, Senior Fitness will meet each Monday and Friday from 10-11 AM in Room 215 (upstairs diagonal from the church library). This class is open to both senior (ages 55 and older) men and women. There is no cost for participation, however some start-up supplies are needed.


Supplies Needed:

  • A gym bag or backpack labeled with name to keep supplies at church
  • A water bottle
  • 2 pound hand weights (such as these from Amazon or Academy)
  • A small plastic ball that can be blown up so it can be deflated a bit to make it easier to hold. Approximately a 10” ball like a kids’ beach ball (such as these from Amazon or Walmart)
  • Stretch bands with handles (such as these from Amazon or Walmart)
  • Tennis shoes for balance and comfortable, stretchy clothes