Nov 06 - 07, 2020


All Day


$85 per person

In Constant Communion Retreat

You are invited to attend a 24-hour retreat hosted by First Methodist Midland at The Way Retreat Center in Midland on November 6 & 7. Each participant will have their own private room and bathroom. Teaching chairs will be set up with social distance. These retreats allow you 24 hours to be away from your usual surroundings and distractions. They give you space to enjoy God’s presence – to take a walk outside and enjoy a fall day, to sit in the candlelight of the Chapel, and to take a nap! With the vast tensions in our community, nation, and the world right now, more than ever we need time set apart to be renewed by God! This retreat falls after the election and before the holidays, a perfect and needed time to focus on God and be refreshed. On this retreat, Daniel Harris will be teaching on the significance and practice of communion which will greatly enrich your experience of taking communion. The retreat will culminate with Pastor Steve leading the participants through partaking in Holy Communion. This will be a very meaningful and refreshing time. The retreat cost is $85.

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