Coronavirus Response Update From Pastor Steve 3/16/20

Sisters and Brothers,
Our response to the Coronavirus continues to unfold.  This morning I gathered our ministry staff together to discern the best course of action given the unprecedented reality that we are now living with surrounding the Coronovirus.  With the blessing of our Executive Team we have determined that it will be best for us to suspend all gatherings here at the church through Sunday, March 29, 2020.  While this saddens us all, we believe this is the best, measured course of action to protect one another from exposure to this virus.  We will meet again on Monday, March 30, 2020 to reevaluate. 
In the meantime, our church staff and leadership are deeply committed to finding creative ways to help you stay connected to God and each other through this isolating and difficult time.  We will be live streaming Sunday Morning Worship, Wednesday Vespers, and Wednesday night Bible Study for the next two weeks.  Ty Lust (Director of Youth Ministries) and Mara Dolan (Director of Children’s Ministry) will be providing content and direction to your families to facilitate spiritual growth in during this time.  Our church staff will be providing daily devotionals for you Monday through Friday beginning tomorrow.  We will also provide you with a “Staff Picks” list of books, movies, and songs that you might enjoy over the next days.  Our website ( and Facebook pages will be the place to find all the resources that we will be producing to help us all remain steady and growing in our life with God and each other.
We are also seeking and developing ways that we can love and serve both our congregation and community during this time.  If you are a person that is one of the more vulnerable people to this virus, you do not need to get out.  We have people who have already volunteered to run errands for you.  Please do not hesitate to call the church (432-682-3701) or email Pastor Melissa ( with any essential need you may have.  We will be honored to help!  Also, if you are able to volunteer to help run these errands for the more vulnerable, please let Melissa know.  We will need your help!
In addition we are investigating ways to serve the students of Burnet Elementary who may be in need. We are also thinking of ways we can bless those who remain on the frontlines of grocery stores, convenient stores, hospitals, etc… We want them to know that we deeply appreciate all that they are doing to keep us nourished and healthy.  Opportunities to serve in these areas are forthcoming. 
If you have questions or ideas, please do not hesitate to reach out to me on my cell phone.  May God grant us the strength and peace to be all that he needs us to be for such a time as this!
Grace and Peace,
Pastor Steve Brooks
432-559-0208 (Cell)

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