We adhere to developmentally appropriate practices – children learn while they play. Our curriculum focuses
on the process of learning rather than the finished product. Teachers act as facilitators for learning by
providing a carefully planned environment that is appropriately challenging for each age-level.

With infants and toddlers, emphasis is placed on positive interaction with the teacher and exposure to
educational toys. We believe that a nurturing environment where the child’s needs are met promptly by
caring teachers is vital to the development of the young child who is learning to trust. It is important to us
that your child feels happy and secure while they are in our care.

In the Two Year Old classrooms, we build on developmentally appropriate skills while maintaining a
nurturing environment that helps your child to feel happy and secure. The child will stay engaged through
fun activities that foster a love for exploring and learning. Through the use of centers, manipulatives, social
interaction with their peers, and one-on-one teacher interaction, your child will grow in the areas of cognitive
development, language, and motor skills.

The Preschool classrooms will use the Frog Street® curriculum. This curriculum helps meet the diverse needs of all learners while supporting the developmental domains. Students will develop print awareness, oral language and listening skills, letter identification and sound/symbol association, vocabulary development, writing, math, science, personal and social development.