Dates: Sunday, May 26 – Thursday, May 30, 2024


Cost: $300 per person (this covers meals in Acuña, lodging at a host church, and trip insurance). If you do not already have a passport, you will need to obtain one which would be an extra cost. You will also need spending money for your lunch on the way there.


Team Size: The ideal team is composed of 15-20 members ages 12 and older who have the ability to stay focused on the work each day. Members under the age of 12 are welcome but will not be counted on to complete the build but will be given various tasks they can participate in.


Information about Casas por Cristo: This Christian organization has been building homes for families in need in Juarez, Acuña, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Honduras since 1993. Their mission is to build homes for families in need to meet a primary physical need as a way of also meeting the spiritual need for Jesus Christ. Building relationships through the construction of a home opens the door for continued relationship with a local pastor. Watch this video for more information on Casas por Cristo’s work in Acuña.



We understand that travel to the Mexican border is often a concern. The news and press are consistent in their negative depictions of borderland living. However, Casas por Cristo missionaries in both Juárez and Acuña cross into and out of Mexico daily will no threat to their safety. They would not take teams across if there was a legitimate threat to their safety. Since 1993, Casas por Cristo has not had a single incident related to physical violence or threat of kidnapping.


Casas por Criso started building homes and forming relationships in Acuña in 2009 and have built more than 800 home homes in this location since then without any safety issues to the teams. There are an average of 60-65 American teams that build in Acuña each year. Sixty-three teams have already visited Acuña for a build this year!


Casas por Cristo is well-known and well-respected in Acuña. The people they come in contact with are appreciative and protective of the work that they do in the community. Our team will be met in Del Rio, Texas by a Casas por Cristo missionary who will be with us the entire time from border crossing to crossing back into the United States at the end of the trip, even staying overnight with us at the host church. They take every measure possible to maintain the safety of their teams. Believing in being aware, careful, and mindful of surroundings at all times while we are serving, each staff member is trained in an Emergency Action Plan in the event something were to happen, necessitating travel back to the United States by the team. They have never had to engage this plan, but it is in place should it become necessary. If Casas por Cristo ever feels the climate is too volatile or unsafe, they will respond accordingly and temporarily halt operations.


Engaging in cross-cultural missions always involves risk, as does each day anywhere. Casas por Cristo does everything they can to prioritize and maintain the safety of all of their teams. They hope and pray that concerns about visiting the border can be alleviated so that you can experience the unique, beautiful, and very real parts of living and working in the border cities. Sharing their homes and the Mexico cities they border is a pure joy for Casas por Cristo!

Acuña, Mexico: Hidden behind the banks of the Rio Grande lies the city of Acuña, México, which borders Del Rio, Texas. It has over 134,000 inhabitants. Because of the growing number of factories springing up in this border town, many people come here in search of work. Acuña is a commercial and manufacturing center for agriculture where cattle and sheep are raised. Wheat and nuts are the primary crops. A typical family in Acuña earns $60 a week, oftentimes being employed by a local factory. With an average family size of four, this income is barely enough to survive and provide for their most basic needs. Public education is not free, causing families to struggle to provide the money needed for uniforms, books, and tuition. Due to the lack of income, there is rarely any money left over to purchase materials to help build adequate housing. For this reason, families utilize scrap materials and anything that they can find to build homes to shelter their families. There is a vicious cycle that is created due to a lack of job opportunity and income that prevents a family from being able to provide for even their most basic needs. Through building homes, the Casas por Cristo ministry helps relieve this burden of housing so that families can focus their income towards providing food and education for their family in order to help break this cycle.


Weather in Acuña: The climate is extremely humid with temperatures in late May ranging from mid-80s to mid-90s.


What the team will wear: The culture is very conservative and we want to respect this in the way we dress. We will be wearing modest pants (no shorts, leggings, or yoga pants.), and shirts that cover the shoulders (no tank tops) on the work site. Closed-toed shoes and work gloves are also needed.


Where the team will sleep: The team will be staying at a host church in Acuña. Each participant will take their own air mattress, cot, etc. to sleep on.


Will showers be available: Yes, but will most likely be cold-water showers in military style (turn on, get wet, turn off, soap up, turn on, rinse off)


What will the team eat: Meals safe for the team will be prepared. Breakfast and dinner will be provided at the host church. A packed lunch will be at the work site Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.


Building Schedule: The Team will be building Monday-Wednesday 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. A home dedication for the family will be on Thursday morning, followed by lunch at the host church and then departure for Midland.


Tentative Schedule:

Sunday, May 26:

9 a.m. Breakfast in the Atrium of First Methodist

10 a.m. Worship Service with team commissioning

11:30  Depart First Methodist

1:30 p.m. Lunch in Ozona, Texas

4:30 p.m. Meet our Casas por Cristo guide in Del Rio, change vehicles and cross the border

Remainder of evening: getting settled in at the host church, dinner, rest


Monday – Wednesday:

Breakfast at host church

6 a.m. to 3 p.m. Work on the house construction

Dinner at host church
Time with team and rest



Dedication of home to the family

Lunch at host church

Return to Midland

6 p.m. expected arrival home