Women’s Conference at Russian Sister Church Restores Relationships with God

Russian Church Women's Conference2
On February 26 and 27 our church organized a women’s conference with a title from a famous Bible story: ” Woman, you are being set free…” (Luke 13:12). Forty women took part in it. The idea to have this conference was born three years ago when a team of women from our church attended a similar conference in another city. It was a time of healing and restoration of relationships with God. We had a dream to have it in our city for our women. We prayed for three years and now our dream has come true. In our church many women came to faith later in life, already hurt and broken.
Russian Church Women's Conference
They found a safe place in the church, but often, they come to worship loaded with the past hurts and pain, and take them back home when they leave the church. Not being able to experience the abundant life that Christ has for them. Inspired by powerful preaching and sincere testimonies at this conference, women felt free to open their hearts, bring them to the Cross, and to receive God’s healing and forgiveness. Each sister was prayed for individually. It was also a special time of fellowship. We believe, it is only the beginning. We want to help more women to experience freedom in Christ and help them to be happy and fruitful in the Kingdom.
-Pastor Katya Zoubkova, Tyumen United Methodist Church of Salvation