Simply Church Stewardship 2017


October 16, 2017
Dear Sisters and Brothers,
We are currently in the midst of a sermon series called Simply Church:  God’s Original Design for our Life Together.  The purpose of the series is to dig deep into the Bible to see how God has called us to arrange our lives as a church with and for each other for the sake of joining God on His mission of “making all things new” (Revelation 21:5).  The church is God’s gift to us and to the world.  Stewarding and caring for this gift
in an intentional sort of way should always be given top priority and focus.   
Part of our life together entails how we relate to money and how we are to be intentional and joyful in our generous financial support of our church’s ministry.  Throughout the pages of Scripture, financial giving has always been an indispensable aspect of the way the people of God have participated with God on His mission.  Releasing back to God a portion of what He has blessed us with is one of the ways the Kingdom of God continues to expand on earth.  There are four good reasons we should practice giving generously to the church as we seek to be good stewards of God’s gift:
  1. We give because God gives. We are made in God’s image and our generosity reflects God’s generous image back into the world.
  2. We give because it builds our faith and trust in God as our ultimate provider.
  3. We give because it spares us from a life of miserable self-centeredness.
  4. We give to participate with God in the salvation and renewal of the whole world. Our generous and sacrificial giving helps move God’s mission forward.  We have all been blessed and transformed by the ministry of the church.  We should consider it a great joy to ensure others experience the same.

The way we structure our life together as we continue to join God on His mission necessitates that we talk about money at this time of year, but that conversation does not begin and end with the budget.  It is certainly a very responsible thing for a church to function with a budget and for that budget to balance, but that budget cannot be discerned and set until we are able to get a sense of how God is working in our church relative to our giving.  Each year we ask you to prayerfully complete an estimate of giving card not only to help and inspire you to be intentional in the spiritual practice of generosity, but also to help us as a church to be wise, prudent, and responsible as we move forward with God in setting our church’s priorities and budget for next year.  That important process always begins with God, all of us, and prayer.

So, for the next couple of weeks we would like you to hold this question up to God, “God, what percentage or amount of my income are you calling me to set aside and give in 2018 to continue moving your mission forward through my church, First Methodist Midland?”
As you pray and discern what God is calling you to give, please fill out your estimate of giving card online (below) , or you are welcome to mail your estimate of giving card that you should have received in the mail back to the church, or you may turn in your completed card during one of the worship services on Sunday, October 29thThat day, we will prayerfully consecrate our intentions to God, thank God for making all things new, and praise God for inviting us to join Him on His glorious mission of making all things new!  If you would like to make your intentions known by phone or email or if you have other questions, please contact our Director of Finance, Lynda Johnson, at 432-682-3701 ext. 230 or, and she will be glad to help.
For all the ways that you have given so generously to make our church what it is today, Thank you! We are very excited about what God has in store for us in the future.  You are the best and we are simply thrilled to be your pastors!
Grace and Peace,

Rev. Steve Brooks                                                    Rev. Kurt Borden                                                                     Rev. Melissa Shuler

2018 Estimate of Giving

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