Russian Sister Church Sees Growth Through Aid from First Methodist of Midland

Religious freedom is getting tighter with all world events. Our sister church in Russia, Tyumen United Methodist Church of Salvation, tells us they have less and less opportunities to share the gospel freely outside the church building. However, the church is blossoming on the inside.
Pastor Katya reports the building, which First Methodist Midland helped build, is finally fully functional and busy every day. She tells us that with their new home, they have grown their small congregation and now they have three different worship teams. They even provide a worship service in English which is mostly attended by students from Africa and church youth.

This update from Tyumen United Methodist Church of Salvation shows us just how impactful our giving is and how we can spread the word of God thousands of miles away.

Below is a collection of photos sent to us from Tyumen United Methodist Church of Salvation.