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Construction Updates

Serious construction began last week as a large portion of the church facility was blocked off with partitions and temporary walls to become a true hard-hat construction zone. This has dramatically changed the paths through the church that many people use each Sunday. These are some of the major changes as of Dec. 8, as well as some suggestions regarding access and parking:

Entrance to the Sanctuary is no longer available from the south door of the Narthex (entrance area). Access is available through the main church doors on Main Street, the entrances on the north side of the church, and through the door at the front of the church (from the hall leading to other parts of the church).

Entrance to the Contemporary Worship Center is available through the Portico entrance (near the offices) and through the doors on Illinois Avenue and Baird Street.

Entrance to the Chapel is through the outside chapel entrance. A protective wooden entrance area has been erected there to provide access during the construction phase.

Parking will remain available in all church lots. Parking will not be available along Main Street. The City of Midland has granted us the use of their parking lot (west of the church) on Sundays. Persons attending Contemporary services may park there and enter the church via the Illinois Avenue door. Contemporary parking is also available along Baird Street east of the church.

Golf carts will be available to transport worshippers from the more remote parking locations to an appropriate entrance.

The hall leading from the Sanctuary to the remainder of the church (past the old Parlor and Room 107) will remain open throughout the construction, but may be restricted somewhat in size as construction moves near that area.

All the current operating classroom and choir areas will remain open throughout construction though attendees may need to find new paths to their particular rooms. One good idea would be to examine the maps posted throughout the church and locate the best doors and stairs for access.

The elevator will remain in operation throughout the construction period.

Handicap access may not be available or limited in some area. The access via the Portico should not be disrupted by the construction. Updates on other areas will be provided as access status changes.

Please allow a little extra time to get to worship to avoid last minute frustration. First Impressions members and church staff will be glad to help direct worshippers if you are unsure of how to reach a particular spot.

Let’s all do our best to remain excited and cheerful as we live through these slightly disordered days and remember a couple of things. First, at the end of these months we will have a beautiful new space in which to meet and worship. And, perhaps as important, we never know what new folks are visiting to check us out. May they encounter only excitement, energy, and smiling faces.

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Women’s Conference at Russian Sister Church Restores Relationships with God

Russian Church Women's Conference2
On February 26 and 27 our church organized a women’s conference with a title from a famous Bible story: ” Woman, you are being set free…” (Luke 13:12). Forty women took part in it. The idea to have this conference was born three years ago when a team of women from our church attended a similar conference in another city. It was a time of healing and restoration of relationships with God. We had a dream to have it in our city for our women. We prayed for three years and now our dream has come true. In our church many women came to faith later in life, already hurt and broken.
Russian Church Women's Conference
They found a safe place in the church, but often, they come to worship loaded with the past hurts and pain, and take them back home when they leave the church. Not being able to experience the abundant life that Christ has for them. Inspired by powerful preaching and sincere testimonies at this conference, women felt free to open their hearts, bring them to the Cross, and to receive God’s healing and forgiveness. Each sister was prayed for individually. It was also a special time of fellowship. We believe, it is only the beginning. We want to help more women to experience freedom in Christ and help them to be happy and fruitful in the Kingdom.
-Pastor Katya Zoubkova, Tyumen United Methodist Church of Salvation


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