Fam Blitz Live is a free event for the whole family! Families work together on stage and from their seats in a variety of fun games and challenges set to a unique blend of music, visual effects, and crowd energy.
The message of Fam Blitz Live illustrates that your family is a team. When family members think of their family as their home team, it encourages them to work together toward the same objectives. Fam Blitz Live is high-energy way to remind families that working together can be fun. Parents and kids both participate in a variety of games and challenges. Kids have a great time playing and watching parents in situations they have never seen before. Parents enjoy everything from the games, props, music, and message while watching their kids light up with excitement.
Come and join the fun!
For questions, contact Kara Harris by phone/text 432.559.5035 or karaharris@firstmethodistmidland.com.
May 22nd from 6:15-7:30 PM in the Worship Center